Colloidal Silica suspension

4 different suspensions with anti-crystallization agent!


Colloidal Silica suspension
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Alumina suspension

Formulated with our Ultrapure Alumina Alpha and Gamma, available in 4 grits:XALO 1μ, XALO 0,8μ, XALO 0,3μ and XALO 0,04μ.

Alumina powder

Ultrapure Alpha and Gamma alumina for super-finishing, 0,04μ, 0,3μ and 1μ.

WCA alumina 1μ to 30μ, for lapping or polishing.

Polishing cloths to use with Alumina or Colloidal suspension

X100 microporous, for Silica or Alumina suspensions up to 1μ

X200 flocked, for suspensions from 1μ to 3μ

X300 non-wowen, for suspensions from 3μ to 9μ

X600 compressed, for suspensions from 5μ to 30μ


Polishing cloths
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