Diamond products

A complete range of diamond products manufactured by us in our laboratory. Our diamond suspensions and pastes are all biodegradable and safe for the user or the environment. We use only the highest quality diamond powder, perfectly calibrated, Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline. Water or alcohol base.


Diamond suspensions
Diamond suspensions.pdf
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Diamond pastes
Diamond pastes.pdf
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Diamond stick
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Polishing lubricants

Water based, alcohol based, or combined, for all materials.


Polishing lubricants
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Polishing cloths

Compressed, Wowen, Flocked, Microporous, ..., available with PSA or magnetic back.

The polishing cloths NX-MET associated with diamond products NX-MET cover all the needs of the most demanding laboratories.


Polishing cloths
Polishing Cloth card.pdf
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